Kevin James Carroll


Kevin James Carroll

Kevin James Carroll?s music is a world fusion of Mantra and Heart-Song chanting. Weaving ancient Mantra?s with his own prayers and hearts song, Kevin draws upon influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi chants mixed with western folk sounds and world instruments.

Practicing Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion) since his first visit to India in 1990, Kevin now leads devotional chanting circles and workshops all over the world. The intention of his music is to empower the individual through reconnecting to the heart and to bring awareness of our oneness.
Kevin believes that it is our disconnection from source that is the cause of all suffering.

?There is a renaissance of people who are more interested in celebrating what we all have in common rather than focus on our differences."

Regardless of your religious or philosophical beliefs, you can find a commonality or kinship with the music of Kevin James and a respect for all paths to God or self-awareness.

?I believe we are taking a huge leap in consciousness, things are changing so fast for everyone and now is the time when it can be beneficial for us to look back, in order to move forward. Devotional singing has been a part of almost every culture and religion of the world throughout recorded history. It reconnects us to our center, brings balance and peace to the mind and a break from the ego. By devoting our attention to a greater power than the conceptual self, we can expand our awareness beyond the ego, to enter the bliss of the heart.?

Kevin plays guitar, bamboo Shakuhachi flute, harmonium and sings. Kevin believes it?s all about holding space and being an empty vessel for the heart of every one to unite or unify.