Avishai Barnatan


Avishai Barnatan

Avishai Barnatan was born in Israel to parents who migrated from Brazil and grew up in a Kibbutz which had a majority of Brazilian members.? Music was part of the culture and, as a child, he had a couple of years of classical training on the silver flute - although was not very enthusiastic to play at the time.

Years later, in the early 1990s, while travelling extensively, Avishai was inspired to play music; all the time, everywhere.? He saw the power of this universal language and the immediate way it created unity and opened hearts everywhere he went.

Music became Avishai's path, passion and, later on, his livelihood.? He? now plays a variety of wind instruments: Ney (middle eastern reed flute), silver flute, Celtic whistles, Zurna & Shenai (double reeds), Turkish clarinet, as well as harmonium.

Avishai currently lives in the lush Byron Bay hinterland.? He records and produces music of his own as well as other artist?s, performs live concerts with different line ups and is exploring avenues to share further the powerful healing gift of sound and music.